Yet , Laaouina, who before this got worry­ful­ly lived in seclu­sion together with person accus­tomed into anony­mous and you will mul­ti­ple iden­ti­ties the guy outpersonals VyhledГЎvГЎnГ­ imper­son­ates, sud­den­ly finds your­worry about within the place­light of your own cops and you may pol­i­tics. The guy dis­cov­ers your Intel­li­gence Ser­vices Com­mis­sion­er who inter­ro­gat­ed and you will recruit­ed your try nothing oth­emergency room than simply his old com­rade Moukhtar, among enthusiasm­ous fig­ures of kept-side yard­origins fac­tion of the stu­damage move­ment. Intrigu­ing­ly, the author invites united states into the stu­drop circulate­men­t’s atmos­phere as a result of good metic­u­lous and you may hilar­i­ous por­tray­al of your fea­tures of that his­tor­i­cal stage, in the event the ripoff­flict fre­quent­ly flared upwards involving the stu­damage fac­tions and also the slo­gans was in fact bois­ter­ous­ly cry­ed as the blogger­i­ties saw cau­tious­ly before inter­ven­ing­mis­sion­emergency room Ayad sim­pli­fies anything to have Laaouina when he obvious­ly announces, “Now we simply need to changes our very own build. Is it possible you under­stay, Rah­hal? You’ll are still because you are. Nevertheless the maneu­vers will end up firmer.”

Gender is also found in another type of light because an effective com­mod­i­ty that could be traded vir­tu­al­ly toward inter­net; Fadoua and you will Sami­ra, such as, fre­quent new cyber­bistro to help you lav­ish­ly expert­vide gender­u­al ser­vices to all categories of website subscribers along side web having a beneficial payment

The guy turned a great “rac­ing rab­section. One of several rac­ing rab­pieces that are running in almost any direc­tion to keep the newest Chameleon out in front side.” Con­se­quent­ly, Laaouina discovers your­thinking los­ing swindle­trol over all his vir­tu­al iden­ti­connections when he is obligated to benefit brand new King’s clos­est buddy’s elec­toral cam­paign, contrary to the Islam­ic par­ty, in order to col­lab­o­speed because the a keen elec­tron­ic representative of your secret intel­li­gence ser­vices. The writer describes the fresh absur­di­ty with the elec­toral cam­paign during the a great satir­i­cal man­ner through inci­dings relat­ing to what was created referred to as Snail Fling ahead of he scam­cludes one, “peo­ple performed­n’t have new ener­gy one­more to own […] abstract [ide­o­log­i­cal] debates, espe­cial­ly to possess level­ty prin­ci­ples and you can polit­i­cal agreements. Finally, every is also­di­dates are identical. All of them commonly dis­ap­pear to focus for their individual inter­ests and become impor­tant peo­ple regarding funding.”

Peo­ple require­ed car­ni­va­lesque elec­tions, com­plete having show and you can specification­ta­cle; song and dance; feasts and prohibit­quets; brief, pal­pa­ble progress they’d win dur­ing new cam­paign

Through indi­vid­ual lives, Adnan dis­sects the real­i­ty from jour­nal­ism for the Moroc­co, its brief­com­ings as well as the sub­or­di­na­tion of some of the expert­fes­sion­als to help you agen­das imposed of the wonders intel­li­gence of one’s County as in brand new cas de figure­es of Naim Mar­zouk, opin­ion colum­nist to own Al-Mus­taqbal information­pa­each, and you will Anouar Mimi, edi­tor-in-master of your own Sensuous Maroc news webpages. Such qua­si-jour­nal­ists was simple pawns employed to exe­lovely the newest instruc­tions and agen­das dic­tat­ed of the intel­li­gence offi­cials which have­aside one scam­cern for professional­fes­sion­al stability and fraud­technology. The newest prin­ci­buddy part of these phony jour­nal­ists is always to inter­fere which have pub­lic opin­ion, dis­region new size­parece and you will divert the atten­tion on real products and you may ripoff­cerns of its soci­ety. The new media inside feel becomes a model in the possession of of one’s pair bad guys whose absolute goal is to try to mon­i­tor information in the superstars, artisans, politi­cians, scan­dals, and you will lighted­er­ary rival­ries over awards and you will invi­ta­tions. Addi­tion­al­ly, Adnan expos­es brand new lin­guis­tic defects and you will mistakes regarding the dis­span of emp­ty-head­ed jour­nal­ists whoever only goal is to secure more fol­low­ers that would sup­port mind­shorter can also be­di­dates and you will politi­cians strive­ing more than seats on the parliament.

Adnan’s implic­it mes­sage right here empha­types the fact that the newest tran­si­tion regarding King Has­san II so you’re able to Mohamed VI’s time failed to cause sandwich­stan­tial alter inspite of the mellow manip­u­la­tion from totally free­dom of expres­sion, plu­ral­ism and you can mul­ti­ple polit­i­cal level­links, some of which try obliv­i­ous of their ide­olo­gies and only exploit reli­gion so you’re able to lure a whole lot more voters.

The fresh new late­el tries to address the situation from immi­gra­tion by the desire­ing towards the con­di­tions of your sandwich-Saha­went immi­has inside the Moroc­co and their Moroc­can be coun­ter­parts. While the sandwich-Saha­went lesser char­ac­ters Amelia, Flo­ra and Yak­abo check out professionals­ti­tu­tion given that an effective sim­ple and scam­ve­nient path to build mon­ey, brand new Moroc­is young buck Qamar Eddine is preparing to stop trying all­topic plus con­vert so you can Chris­tian­i­ty so you’re able to get across into the Euro­pean Eldo­ra­create.

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