dos dos dos 2 2 1 initial Sandwich – Craft Zero. 4 step three 2 step 1 8 5 second Sandwich – Hobby No. federal around the world and you can both group meetings, meeting hookup bars Killeen during the show system Expose basis quarterly a beneficial on Efa Zara new york newsletter CHV the brand new datain Introduce foundation quarterly good towards USAID newsletter from inside the highlights system Feature Bundle Administration Reading the newest Pertain classes) start-upwards dayregional step three the fresh new having (shared places staying in the application CCH ofRegional brand new release working area) local section and the begin-upwards through the group CCH by the (held RLG and you will parrain YPE, menage specifically SBCCbased tactics Overview of selectedcommunity- Arranged affairs # from group meetings participated of conferences # editionsEfa off Zara# nyc to USAID submited highlights # away sent are that bundle circumstances ofinthe new % classes from local# launch held away from remark # Evidence Annex Dining table 1: Q3FY2017 Pastime FY2017 modified targets 38,one hundred thousand 38,100000 one hundred% 39 39 10 cuatro cuatro Real Genuine 100% Q1 38 38 37 1 4 – Genuine Q2 Genuine 19,100000 19,000 a hundred% 73 – 0 – Abilities – Asked a hundred% TBD Q3 step 1 – – Actual Genuine 100% Q3 – – 2 0 – Not requested of the by Not requested Need away from of Need waits/openings USAID Second steps to deal with gaps target – – Expected 19000 100% TBD Q4 step one – ANNEX 2: Project Overall performance Opinion (One-fourth step 3, FY2017) USAID Tech themes/Indicators FY2017 Annual Target Achieved Reached Attained Leftover Comments rules in Q1 into the Q2 into the Q3 to have FY2017 Friends Considered Quantity of off USG helped CHVs taking FP Men 2,760 – 1,866 2,699 61 Into address seven.2-2 guidance, guidelines, and/or qualities in the season Women 2,082 – step 1,244 2,209 (127) Full cuatro,842 – step three,110 4,908 (66) MCH Number of babies searching chlorhexidine as part of People 5,630 – 529 518 cuatro,583 On account of less than requested financial support obligation, the latest created essential care and attention People 5,630 – 503 493 cuatro,634 the application revised the FY 2017 works decide to fits the reduced budget available.

Amount of people access a much better Men thirteen,772 – – seven,668 6,104 Towards the address step 3

WATSAN step three.step one.six.8-5 Number of teams certifies given that “open defecation Overall 279 – – – 279 ODF evaluation and you will qualification takes put in free” (ODF) down seriously to USG recommendations Q4.

1.step one.2-2 practices business Ladies 13,772 – – 7,668 6,104 Full twenty seven,545 – – fifteen,336 several,208 Diet Level of girls hit with training with the personal Male N/A n/A n/A n/A letter/A On the address step three.step one.6 9-step 1 nursing Female 49,188 – 18,454 46,357 49,188 Complete 49,188 – 18,454 46,357 forty two,188 Amount of college students reached from the USG-supported Male 101,560 – 17,528 111,550 101,560 On address step three.1.9.1-fifteen diet applications Lady 119,222 – 19,753 128,620 119,222 Total 220,782 – 37,281 240,170 220,782 Level of youngsters around one or two (0-23 weeks) achieved Men 56,721 22,192 twenty six,550 7,979 Toward address HL.nine.dos which have neighborhood-level diet interventions trhough Women 63,963 18,900 29,106 thirteen,957 USG-served apps Full 120,684 41,092 57,656 21,936 Amount of expecting mothers attained that have nutrition Toward target HL.nine.3 Complete 25,223 a dozen,888 fifteen,511 nine,712 treatments as a consequence of USG-served applications Number of individuals researching nourishment-associated Male dos,901 1,620 764 517 Towards the target HL.9.cuatro top-notch knowledge courtesy USG-supported apps Women 2,695 1,296 415 984 Complete 5,596 2,916 1,179 1,501 Customized Zero password Quantity of teams that have developped an entire Pastime may start inside the FY2018 transportation program to possess fitness crisis ANNEX 3: Environmental Mitigation And you will Monitoring Report One-fourth III:

To the address

Pursuant to your USAID IEE provided into safety ecological mitigation and you may monitoring tips into the fitness markets (3.1), the program have a tendency to contribute to new USAID/Madagascar Wellness Markets Collection – Usage of Picked health Goods improved and you may Strategies increased. Thus, in FY 2017 the program tend to implement just like the appropriate mitigation procedures connected with products classified less than bad determination which have problems that can get change the ecosystem the help of its implementation, due to the fact set forth from inside the twenty two CFR 216.

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