Such hydrogen ties give balance towards DNA, making the guanine and cytosine couple and adenine and you will thymine pair positive

An easy way to contemplate and that nucleotides bond together is via memorizing the newest characters At the and you may GC with her. This can prompt your that adenine (A) securities that have thymine (T), when you are guanine (G) bonds having cytosine (C).

b) Phosphate backbone

Imagine with a ladder in just rungs. It would not become a ladder after all! A steps requires its side-rails to be hired. Also, DNA need a spine to hang the fresh new double helix structure together.

The latest DNA anchor is called a glucose phosphate spine. The fresh glucose phosphate central source include a repeating trend out of sugar and you can phosphate communities bonded together.

Remember the framework away from a nucleotide and that each nucleotide legs contains a good phosphate class and you can pentose glucose.