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condescend (KON dis End) vi. 1. to lower on your own concise of the individual you’re making reference to; to graciously and you will willing take action considered to be beneath one’s self-esteem; deign; dos. to manage anyone else inside the a satisfied or haughty method • Brand new courtroom could possibly get condescend to spell it out his choice into the found guilty felon, although the law does not require they. • Our very own cat condescends to hold out on the dog out-of day in order to go out, whether or not she helps it be profusely obvious one she uses up an effective greater personal peak than just the guy does. • The fresh new elite group castes when you look at the old-fashioned Asia won’t condescend to dicuss that have an untouchable. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. stoop]

updates (kuhn Pan uhn) n. step one. one thing that’s a necessity before starting otherwise doing something more; dos. people prerequisite on going on of some other point, feel, etc.; 3. a thing that modifies otherwise restricts the kind, life, or occurrence out-of something different; 4. condition to be; health; 5. public condition; rank; channel -vt. step 1. to set as a necessity; to help you stipulate; dos. in order to enforce legislation into the; step three. to apply at, customize, or influence; cuatro. to bring to a desired state • Being paid in progress is actually a disorder of my not vocal in the charity series; for people who read me sing, you might understand why. • Fertile surface is one reputation of good pick growth. • Not enough sunrays try a condition preventing my having a nice grass. • Alex’s reputation features improved since the guy noticed your medical professional. • Brand new vice president’s status have your inside the personal reach towards heart circulation of Senate.

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• Sarah’s mommy conditioned this lady visiting the cluster for her getting home because of the 10 P.