I do believe perhaps one of the most abhorrent things inside the the modern people mind is that off scorn

It’s difficult to enjoy a beast and you can boys do not love giants including female create, it loathe her or him, actually concern her or him and in more high away from activities, they kill him or her

Such as for example a lady is actually an effective parasite, curious what worth she can take away from men and women as much as the lady alternatively than really worth she will incorporate, this woman is emotionally unlovable towards wishes out-of son yet specific remnant out of womanliness remains, she craves are loved inspite of the impossibility particularly a role proves to be. You find masculinisation affects female in a different way than it will males, in this guys it encourages gains and you may actualisation, within people it encourages contempt, disagreement and you may discontent, corrupting the actual souls out-of who they really are, stripping him or her of any desirability not in the skin, and therefore also, at some point disappear as we grow older.

Is there anything smaller female international than simply a baseball-breaking cynical parasite devoid of new appeal and femininity you to men the world over came to have respect for and you can treasure in women to possess eons and eons?