Conversion process Benefit: Nether Knife You are able to an advantage action so you can summon a great dreaded Nether Blade

The fresh new knife requires the form of a straightforward or period of your decision. Attacks created using brand new blade offer fire damage and you will get brand new adopting the keeps: • Episodes you will be making towards knife offer a supplementary 2d6 flame destroy. • Brand new blade emits fire that creates vibrant light from inside the a good 5 foot distance and dark white to own an additional 5 legs. • You can’t become disarmed of the blade. 42 42

You can unsummon the brand new blade when by using a keen action. If you unwield this new knife, they quickly unsummons.

A great Brimstone Statue ‘s the scorched stays off an excellent corpse whoever substance keeps burned out

Conversion process Flaw: True Label The fiendish conversion is finished, and you are reborn. You ought to like yet another name yourself, hence will get their real identity.