The brand new experimental topic and you can dataset arrive within

Next 2nd blog post, users completed the second short-term survey which included a comparable affairs while the basic towards the analysis of culprit. A last part worried participants’ amount of governmental focus, governmental mind-position for the 10-part kept–correct continuum, intercourse, age, section of house and studies.

Participants was randomly assigned to certainly one of half a dozen experimental criteria derived regarding 2 (perpetrator’s gender) ? step 3 (repair tactic) ranging from participants factorial build.

All measures did within this studies have been in accordance with the moral requirements of your federal browse committee and with the 1964 Helsinki endments.

Comparison of one’s governmental actor

Users reported its in the world emotions into the fictitious politician towards a great 10-part size (step 1 = completely bad to help you 10 = completely confident) double, once within T1 (post-scandal) as soon as during the T2 (post–defensive reaction). The power of this new defensive tactic inside the fixing profile is captured from improvement in review of protagonist.

Investigations of your own politician’s communality and company before and after their otherwise her reason of your scandal

The fresh respondents examined this new scandal perpetrator into the an excellent 5-section measure ranging from 1 (definitely not) in order to 5 (greatly) twice, immediately following following the scandal (T1) and when following the perpetrator’s protective effect (T2).