This subject is mentioned in paragraph 33 of the paper

As we said at the Conference in November last year, we consider that in order to tackle the complex tasks asssociated with the Organization’s role in policy analysis and the increased demand for advice to individual developing countries a more geographical focus is needed. The paper itself recognizes the need to strengthen FAO’s capacity in country policy work and that improvements in the in-house country policy information system are needed, together with an improved mechanism for closer coordination, and we were grateful to Mrs Killingsworth for keeping us in touch with the latest developments and the Director-General’s recent bulletin in her useful introductory statement.

To this effect the United Kingdom did write to the Director-General in May of this year following up its offer of technical assistance made at the Conference in the form of management advice to the Director-General to help examine all the issues necessary to fulfil paragraph 8 of the Resolution in the most efficient and effective way. However, to date we have not had a response to our offer and we would welcome some indication at this meeting of whether or not it is likely to be accepted.

We remain ready to provide this assistance in whatever form may be agreed to be most appropriate

We are pleased to see progress in strengthening FAO country offices and the role of FAORs in field operations, though we are disappointed that because of financial difficulties the original proposals have had to be scaled down. However, we recognize the difficulties faced by the Organization in this regard.

Paragraph 54 goes some way towards this

Due account will once again need to be taken of General Assembly Resolution . No mention is made of the comparative roles of the regional and country offices and we consider that at some point this will need to be addressed in order to fulfil the provisions of that Resolution.