These special says was: treebook, waterbook, snowbook, lightbook and you may lovebook of the year

Regardless of if wanting a text of a very strong brief-record might be possibly difficult, I am proud so you’re able to declare five unique mentions you to highlight particularly exciting enjoys during the each venture, where there can be a keen emerging reputation to suggest these may even feel four groups to own coming versions of one’s Finnish Photobook Prize. What if what the results are when forest and you can publication be you to definitely? Human body and you will drinking water blend to the that? Snowfall and you will freeze fade to the papers? Light becomes page spread? Discover models of them records on the five guides.

The brand new award of one’s Photobook of the year is split up anywhere between Sheung Yiu, Floor Specifics, and you may Elina Brotherus, Seabound. Good logbook. A few guides from the our very own link to brand new the nation – forest / sea- relying on playful, affective and experiential settings away from understanding place.

Sheung Yiu, Soil Facts, reconfigures old-fashioned surroundings picture taking- as a result of a multi-scalar position, going anywhere between an effective fac-simile but away from ‘The art of Scenic Photography’ (1982) and you may analysis accumulated as a result of step 3-d model. ‘Away from needles in order to terrain.’ The new corporeal presence of one’s scientists, work and you will technical knowledge, contrasts with step three-d rendering from woods elevating questions regarding the fresh new survival regarding woods, all of our survival, underneath the capitalocene, [vii] a time period of geopolitical time were only available in 1492 with imperialism, colonialism, slavery, genocide, appropriation from pure information, the foundation of your most recent environmental crisis.