A survey within the Iran presented zero extreme relationships ranging from both of these variables (Sharifi, Sooky, Tagharrobi, & Akbari, 2007)

Obstetric/Pediatric points

Extended work (Rizk mais aussi al., 2005), unplanned pregnancies (Mohammad et al., 2011; Bener mais aussi al., 2012; Eilat-Tsanani et al., 2006; Glasser et al. 2011; Kheirabadi mais aussi al., 2009), maternity challenge (Agoub et al., 2005; Eilat-Tsanani mais aussi al., 2006), little one’s health conditions (Agoub mais aussi al., 2005), not nursing (Green et al., 2006; Hamdan & Tamim, 2011), and you can a reputation abortion and baby demise (Najafi ainsi que al., 2007) are among the obstetric/pediatric issues understood during these knowledge. Unexpected maternity is considered the most appear to said obstetric exposure grounds having PPD. Kheirabadi and you may colleagues (2009) debated one to when you are an unplanned pregnancy cannot necessarily imply a keen unaccepted one to, lady still have to handle the brand new much time-name ramifications such as for instance financial demands that will be gonna can be found. In this analysis, undesirable gender of your child was also recognized as a danger grounds (Kheirabadi mais aussi al., 2009). The studies offer contradictory findings of a connection amongst the setting off beginning together with development of PPD.