Such relationships come in a great arrangement toward regular slope ranging from P

In each experiment, the change in annual mean PCent and AHTEQ changes are significantly negatively correlated among the ensemble members with an average correlation coefficient of ?0.81 and a correlation coefficient of ?0.85 when considering all experiments collectively. The regression coefficient between PPenny and AHTEQ ranges from ?4.dos° PW ?1 in the 2XCO2 ensemble to ?3.2° PW ?1 in the LGM and 6Kyr ensembles (Table 3) and the regression coefficient of all simulations considered simultaneously is ?3.2° PW ?1 . Penny and AHTEQ of ?2.7° PW ?1 found in the observations. These results collectively suggest that the relationship between PCent and AHTEQ is robust across time scales (seasonal vs annual mean) and across different climate states. We return to this point in the discussion section.

The intermodel spread in annual mean PCent and ?SST changes are significantly positively correlated in all three perturbation experiments with an average correlation coefficient of 0.86 and a slope that ranges from +1.5° K ?1 in the LGM simulations to +2.4° K ?1 in the 6Kyr experiments (Table best sex hookup apps 3). These slopes are significantly shallower but of similar magnitude to that found in the seasonal cycle in the observations (+3.3° K ?1 ).

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